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Taking a Deep Dive into BLVK Label's Exotic Strains

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BLVK Label is excited to explore the exotic strain crosses and complex flavor profiles in our Disposables.  We love talking about each unique flavor, just as much as we enjoy the high we get off of them.  We took our time in finding the perfect strains for each flavor, and when combined, would create flavor-packed oils that deliver long-lasting effects.  So without further ado, here are all six strains launching immediately out the gates!


Cooks Ahoy! is the love child of GMO Cookies and Biscotti.  The pairing takes the best qualities of its parents to be this massive powerhouse of a cookies strain.  It's the perfect treat if you're looking for fast-acting and long-lasting effects.

GMO Cookies, typically being a darker flower with specks of purple and orange hues encapsulating the buds help to resemble the taste of garlic with subtle hints of ground coffee.  You can expect the typical GMO strain to help boost your mood, relieve some minor discomforts, and put you to bed effortlessly.

Biscotti on the other hand boasts a sweeter, almost vanilla-like flavor profile.  The sweetness is balanced with subtle notes of earthy spice.  Being that Biscotti is a an indica-dominant strain, you can rely on it to deliver some heavy physical relaxation vibes, allowing you to coast through your day.

Let's not forget the fact that we're first and foremost flavor-makers.  So while both GMO Cookies & Biscotti resemble cookies, we went and added chocolate chip cookie terpenes to further elevate the experience.  Together, Cooks Ahoy! collects a high number of terpenes that make for the ultimate cookie sesh, suitable for anyone out trying to have a great time!


You know that feeling when you're missing two puzzle pieces in life, and when you finally connect those two together, you realize this is what you've been looking for all along?  Introducing Hakuna Mimosa, a Pink Rozay and Mimosa blend!

As flower, Pink Rozay boasts an vibrant olive green with pink and purple hues that look like they're reflecting off the leaves.  As an indica-dominant flower, you can expect a floral and slightly sweet taste palatte, leaving you feeling happy and light.  It's like rozay without the annoying handover.

Mimosa, on the other hand, Mimosa is a popular sativa-dominant strain.  The buds boast a lighter green look, with orange hairs sprinkled everywhere.  You can expect to stay energized and focused throughout the day, but when taken at a higher dosage, you feel that warm and rested feeling.  The tangie aroma matches perfectly with its sweet, sour, and fruity taste.

This hybrid fusion makes Hakuna Mimosa idea for any time of day - so be sure to keep this exotic strain cross on your person at all  times!


Nana Split is the delicious combination of the award-winning Runtz crossed with an all-too-familiar Strawnana. These two powerhouse strains create a lot of talk, and when mixed together, it's obvious as to why Nana Split is an evenly balanced hybrid.

Runtz is a very sticky bud, complete with sharply colored purple and lime green leaves that give off that lovely textured look.  The smell of the strain makes you feel like you're opening a fresh bag of candy.  And if this strain couldn't get any better, it provides a memorable high that uplifts your mood just as much as it relaxes your body.

As for Strawnana, you can probably guess what two aromas this strain captures.  As you inhale, you're met with the blend of both bananas and strawberries, and on the exhale, the banana flavor becomes more prominent.  Strawnana is an indica with high resin production.  Its profile is simple with plenty of trichomes covering its light green base.  But don't underestimate the potency of this highly flavorful strain.  You'll be left buzzing longer than expected!

When infused together, Nana Split is that all-too-familiar tasty strawberry banana flavor that prevails.  The initial fruit blend is elevated with the sugar flavors of Runtz.  Simply put, Nana Split is an effortlessly potent mix that will have you on your knees begging for more!


Scoop'd is the sedation station of vaping THC.  The two strains to thank for this perfect combination are Ice Cream Cake and Sundae Driver.  Ice Cream Cake is a naturally rich and creamy flavor with hints of nuttiness that rings true to its aroma.  Its purple leaves cover most of the buds, leaving room for bright greens and orange hairs to peek through.  This indica-dominant strain is deal for night time use, or when you don't have much going on.  Ice Cream Cake will transport you to a sweet and dreamy other world.

Sundae Driver is a deep green flower with purple detailing; complete with a thicc layer of trichomes around the bud.  Its earth tones have a strong smell of sweet berries.  And its taste is similar to a creamy chocolate with a sugary exhale.  This balanced hybrid tends to elevate your mood first then brings a euphoric wave across your body shortly after.

Ice Cream Cake crossed with a generous helping of Sundae Driver creates Scoop'd, a dynamic duo that brings about a steady high during the day.  The taste profile is a sweet and tasty treat that is easy to consume at higher doses, leaving both your body and mind in a state of pure bliss.


Every day is the perfect day to toke on some Suge Kush!  This blend takes on two sativa-dominant strains: Candyland and Lemon Meringue.  Candyland is a small and dense flower that is dark than its other sativa family strains.  This small, but mighty flower get its name from its plentiful amounts of trichomes smothered all over the flower, giving off the feeling as if the strain is dipped in candy!  The sweet and spicy taste compliments its aromatic earthy smell very well.  Giving off stimulant vibes, Candyland will lend a helping hand in making you feel like you're on a sugary high with all the energy you'll be pulling in.

Lemon Meringue, on the other hand, is a bright green bud that many stoners love.  Reminiscent of the actual dessert, Lemon Meringue is light, fluffy, and flavorful.  Its creamy deliciousness taste is earthy and sweet; complete with a citrus diesel with just a hint of lavender.  You can expect this uplifting strain to assist in your ability to keep you up, fight off those daily worries, and even mellow you out in the process.

Combined together, and the beautiful creation of Suge Kush is made.  The strain cross is  a sweet and earthy blend with an undertone of diesel.  Not only does Suge Kush provide a relaxing and long-lasting high, it can also do a whole lot more to both your body and mind than just getting you high!


Having a long day?  If so, then you need to get some Sunkissed into your daily blazing rotation.  Sunkissed is the tropical fusion of Tangie and Maui Wowie.  These two hyper sativa strains makes you feel just as good as taking a week-long vacation out in the tropics!

Tangie's sticky green buds possess a strong citrus scent; and given its name, the flower has a tangie, sweet, and citrus taste.  Tangie is known to boost energy levels and may help with keeping you mellow with a light tendency to increase your munchie cravings.

Maui Wowie is a lovely compliment to Tangie.  Its tropical flavors have a strong pineapple taste coupled with a heavy floral aroma finished with hints of lavender.  Not only is this exotic strain cross mouthwatering, but the feeling behind it consists of a highly energetic vibes.

While it's best used during the day due to the energy boost it gives off, Maui Wowie can also be used to help put you in the mood to kick your feet up and relax - a rare sight to see given how busy our lives can be.  And just like the Sun, Sunkissed will be there for you in the morning to wake you up, and tuck you into bed in the evening.  The combination of both Tangie and Maui Wowie make for the ultimate fusion.  Give this one a try if you feel like going on that much-needed vacation for both your body and mind!

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