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How to NOT Cough After Vaping THC

How to NOT Cough After Vaping THC

If you've ever felt like coughing up a lung after toking from cannabis, you're not alone.  It's normal to cough after inhaling smoke, because, well, you're inhaling smoke!  If you're going through a coughing fit every time you're blazing it, that could likely be due to you being a novice stoner.  Or, you might have picked up some bad habits that have made you more susceptible to experiencing such a coughing fit.  Regardless of your situation, if you're reading this, you are probably looking for some solutions to quit all the hacking after a smoke sesh.  So, here are our tips to help stop the stoner's cough.




By and large, one who coughs after inhaling cannabis smoke isn't just a novice stoner, but rather, one that hasn't quite learned how to breathe after consuming smoked or vaped cannabis.  There, there, it'll be okay.  Upon inhaling cannabis smoke, your body does what it can to expel the smoke from the lungs and if it cannot do so within the same rhythm of breathing, you'll more than likely cough it all out.




When you inhale the smoke or vapor from cannabis, it's normal to stimulate your coughing reflex because the smoke triggers the sensory nerves.  This is common for the body to try and regulate anything that can irritate both the throat and lungs.

If you are a new stoner, or prone to cough after inhaling smoke, your lungs may not be large enough - or at the very least, used to inhaling such an irritant.  Try taking smaller hits that allow your throat and lungs to not feel overwhelmed by the smoke.  Taking smaller hits, less frequently can also help adjust your lungs to the cannabis smoke.  So, for now, puff-puff-pass will just be puff-pass.




Pay attention to the way you breathe before and after inhaling cannabis.  We previously mentioned that taking smaller inhales can help to reduce the amount you cough.  It is also important to take deep, even breaths.  There's a difference between taking shorter bouts of inhales and exhales versus taking shallow ones.  Shallow breathing can cause irritation to your lungs, and actually make you cough more.  Try following these steps:

  • Take one full inhale and exhale, making sure you inhale the same amount of time that you exhale
  • This time, inhale from your BLVK Label Disposable, copying the same breathing technique you just tried
  • After you exhale, take another deep breathe to ensure the smoke was properly exhaled


These steps are a simple outline to help guide through your breathing.  Adjusting and adding steps will come with practice.  Keep in mind that cannabis smoke is more dense, compared to the smoke from a cigarette.  The slower and more even breathing you practice, the easier it will be for the smoke to evenly fill your lungs.




Okay, now here us out: one reason you might be coughing up a lung after toking up is that the cannabis itself isn't the top-notch exotic, loud, and potent quality that would normally be expected of a top-tier cannabis brand.  If you are buying THC products, whether it be flower, edibles, or concentrates from unregulated sellers, there is a high risk of not knowing what you're actually putting into your body.

There are several commercially-manufactured cannabis products that are filled with pesticides, heavy metals, unregulated additives and other harmful chemicals that you wouldn't want in your cannabis, let alone, inhaling it into your body.

If you are picking up THC vapes such as cartridges or disposables, and upon consuming the products, there is a harsh burn, this can be an indicator that the cannabis concentrate itself comes from the black market.  That is why we always urge our customers to research the brands before making a purchase.

At BLVK Label, our ingredients are simple.  Our THC Disposables are derived from the finest, legal, cannabis that is free of any pesticides, harsh chemicals, and unnecessary additives.  It's just distillate and terpenes, both cannabis-derived and botanically-derived.  All of which are rigorously tested against the state's cannabis regulations to not only meet, but exceed them.




As admirable as it is that you'd like to be a pro-stoner that doesn't cough after inhaling anything weed-related, sometimes it might not be for you - and that's okay!  As we mentioned earlier, some people just don't have the lung capacity to inhale smoke frequently.  Thankfully, there are other alternatives to receiving the benefits of cannabis without the dank clouds.

Edibles and tinctures are other options to consume THC.  These can be just as potent as THC vapes, and will not have any o the side effects on either your throat or lungs!




There isn't concrete evidence as to what the causes and effects are of coughing from cannabis smoke.  We can all agree that it doesn't feel pleasant.  We recommend implementing the steps we shared today.  And, as always, use good judgement as to what products you use.  Before you know it, you'll be a seasoned stoner that knows exactly what to do to minimize or eliminate coughing from inhaling cannabis in no time!


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