Flavor & Strains

Cooks Ahoy!

GMO Cookies x Biscotti

Reminiscent of freshly baked cookies Grandma makes, Cooks Ahoy! possesses the PERFECT ratio of deliciousness and potency. You can expect this chocolate chip cookie powerhouse complete with subtle notes of diesel and garlic to lock you to the sofa in pure and utter bliss.

Hakuna Mimosa

Pink Rozay x Mimosa

We ain't about hangovers and neither should you after a sesh with Hakuna Mimosa! Fruity, floral, and subtle notes of citrus burst through to deliver some serious chillout vibes, making these the perfect excuse to kick your feet up and coast through your day.

Nana Split

Runtz x Strawnana

The perfect end (or beginning) to a sweet night lies with a puff of Nana Split! Nana Split is a bowl of ice cream, complete with strawberries, bubblegum and a whole ripe banana. Expect a state of peaceful happiness, euphoria, and sensory awareness as you float around your surroundings.


Ice Cream Cake x Sundae Driver

No day is ever complete without a generous helping of Scoop'd! Bold overtones of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between notes of cake and cream bring on a sense of balance and calm as both your body and mind sink to a state of deep relaxation.

Suge Kush

Candyland x Lemon Meringue

Imagine a sugar a high without the crash. This is what you'd expect after a sesh with Suge Kush! Boasting a balanced medley of earthy nuttiness, citrus, and diesel, Suge Kush smacks you with feelings of uplifting creativity, euphoria, and energy to keep you motivated as you plow through the mundane tasks life throws at you.


Tangie x Maui Wowie

Ever been sun-kissed before? We have, and it's amazing! SunKissed takes on a refreshing tangerine-pineapple fusion and gifts you a first-class ticket to a world of euphoria, relaxation, and physical energy to get up, get outside, and bask in the Sun.