General Questions

BLVK Label is a cannabis lifestyle brand dedicated to helping you incorporate cannabis into your day-to-day routine. We specialize in cannabis extracts with a heavy emphasis on complex flavor profiles to make the entire process of getting high a little more enjoyable.

BLVK Label is the cannabis arm of BLVK Unicorn. BLVK Unicorn exists in the electronic cigarette industry as one of the Top 10 brands in the world. Their committment to flavor-making has been apparent since 2016 with no signs of slowing down.

We are a legal cannabis company operating in the state of Oklahoma and California.

Oklahoma License: PAAA-V11K-GEG

California License: C11-0000458-LIC

Yes! All BLVK Label products are quadruple-tested in small batches against impurities. On top of that, we only partner with proven cultivators that also keep safety in mind. Between sourcing potent and pure cannabis flower and rigorously testing every aspect of the manufacturing process, you have peace of mind knowing that everything you love about our products is safe as much as it is potent.

Like everything we do, we do so with intent, integrity, and transparency. Unlike other cannabis brands, we publish our state compliance test reports directly on our site. Simply enter the batch number found on your packaging to see exactly how potent and pure our disposables really are!

Our Disposables

Coming from the e-cig industry, we know that the hardware is just as important as the contents inside are. That's why we use authentic ALD devices for all BLVK Label products. ALD is an industry standard hardware company that places a heavy emphasis on both flavor retention and optimal vaporization levels.

That's because our BLVK Label disposables are rechargeable! We hate it when we get a disposable and the thing dies before we can finish it. Vape on your time, not on ours!

We base our strains on the feeling it delivers, not so much the historic classification most strains undergo. We do this because in 2022, most strains are hybrids at this point; and the experience you would feel upon hitting our devices vary based on factors including but not limited to: strain genetics and your lifestyle. If we had to define our strain classifications, indica would be CHILL, hybrid would be BALANCED, and sativa would be HYPE.

Much like BLVK e-liquids, we pride ourselves in pairing hot exotic strains with complex flavor profiles. Between heavy indica strains such as Ice Cream Cake and Pink Rozay to more energetic sativa strains such as Candyland and Tangie, and everything in between, our goal at the end of the day is to truly provide something for everyone.

Device Support

This is a common issue but luckily there are several steps you can take before deeming the product is defective. If your disposable is clogged, try hitting the device in short, 3-second pulls to help clear the airflow intake. Your next option is to warm up the device by either taking a hair dryer to the distillate reservoir or by moving the device to a warmer area.

Leaking may occur from time to time. Similar to clogging, there are a few steps you can take to address the issue before heading back to the dispensary. If your disposable is leaking, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the leftover residue around the problem area(s).

How you store your BLVK Label disposable can mean the world when it comes to enjoying a leak-free and clog-free cannabis experience. Be sure to store your disposable upright in a room temperature setting. Be aware that drastic changes in light and temperature may degrade the product.

NO LED (while charging) = Fully charged
WHITE LED (while charging) = Charging in progress

RED LED (while puffing) = Needs to be charged
WHITE LED (while puffing) = Activated

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