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How to Take a T-Break

How to Take a T-Break

If you've been a BLVK Label fan since we launched in Oklahoma, you're probably a regular at blazing it up.  And if cannabis is a very normal part of your daily routine, then you probably consume a good amount of it on a regular basis.  After a while, however, you notice that it actually requires you to consume even more to achieve the same stoned effect.  This, ladies and gentlemen is called tolerance.  Tolerance, simply put, means your body is accustomed to the substance you are intaking, thus requiring more product each time you partake.  After a while, you'd notice that not only would you require more weed to feel some type of way, but the THC potency is likely to increase over time as well.  We don't know about you, but money doesn't grow on trees in our world and constantly re-upping our stash on a more than weekly basis is a tell-tale sign that we should cool it off the bud from time to time.

That's what this piece is all about - how would you go about taking a tolerance break away from cannabis?  Trust us, the whole ordeal is going to suck for a couple days; but after a couple of weeks, you'd be happy you did it.  Let's jump in!


Before we jump into what a tolerance break is, it's important to understand how exactly our bodies leverage THC to feel stoned.  THC activates the CB1 receptors in our brain and upon activation of the receptor, it causes CB1 activity to change often in abnormal ways.  This is how one usually feels slower, more floaty, and often more hungry.  This is because cannabinoid receptors in general work to modulate the various bodily systems.  And being stoned simply changes the algorithm in which your body operates.

Through repeated exposure to THC, however, your CB1 receptors' ability to take in substances grows weaker.  This explains why it takes you more product to achieve the same stoned effect.  To what extent and rate in which your tolerance builds relies largely on how large your doses are and how frequently you partake in cannabis consumption.  Are you blowing through Scoop'd in one day?  Are you blowing through the disposable then immediately picking up a different strain to keep the party going?  Okay - we'll estimate that you'll start to experience a lesser psychoactive high sooner rather than later.  This is called tolerance.

Now, before you start freaking out and heading over to the dispensary to restock your stash after blowing through it with little-to-no effect on your high, there is a way to take a tolerance break that's as easy as it is painless.

A tolerance break, otherwise known as a T-Break is a period of time in which you completely stop consuming a particular substance.  The whole point of taking this break is to allow your brain's CB1 receptors to effectively reset, thus giving you the ability to consume THC and have its effects affect you in a way that you likely haven't been able to in a while.  The end result is less product being required for you to feel some type of way.

Compared to other recreational substances such as alcohol, opioids, and amphetamines, your brain can "recover" following a period of abstinence, or simply, not consuming cannabis.  Unlike the other substances, your brain's receptors to receive the compounds can be restored in as little as a few weeks - as opposed to a few months with no guarantee that you'd be able to consume to your heart's content.


As much as we'd hate to see you not use our BLVK Label Disposables, we understand that spending money you need for other life choices is important, too.  And spending unnecessarily on something that doesn't quite give you the same buzzy rush is a no-no in our book.  Therefore, we wholeheartedly support all those that want to reset themselves from cannabis.

Taking a T-Break is not only necessary, but incredibly attractive in keeping your cannabis habit under control.  All this being said, the first step in taking your first successful T-Break is to acknowledge that this ordeal is going to require a degree of effort, motivation, and most importantly, determination to see it through.  Remember - eyes on the prize here.


Step one goes without saying.  If it is your goal to reset your tolerance, you need to be 100% convinced that this is what you're going to do for a few weeks.  Myth: "I can quit whenever I want."  Yes, you can very well choose to kick your smoking or vaping habit at a moment's notice, but realistically, if you're a regular "smoke everyday" type of person, this is a lot easier said than done.  And while cannabis is not an addictive substance the way alcohol or nicotine would be, anything you do everyday causes some sort of withdrawal experience.


And no, we don't mean put everything in a box and hide the box.  Nah fam, we mean fully remove your access to these products.  And before you shame us into "wasting weed," you're the one that's actively wasting weed by consuming it and feeling nothing!  So again, if you are serious about fully resetting your ability to feel high from your weed, you'd want to remove any and all excuses to break your internal contract with yourself and stay on program.  You can go back to the dispensary after the break to resupply to your heart's content.


If you're planning on taking a T-Break and you've already removed any personal access to cannabis, the next step would be to tell your homies that you are taking a break.  If they are true homies that you love being high with, they'll understand what you're trying to achieve here.  If they're great homies, they'll remove you from the nightly smoking circles and quite honestly hide all their goodies as to not tempt you from failing your abstinence spree.

Not only that, but remember, these homies are your friends.  They'll hold you accountable if you do cave and break your spree.  Having some degree of accountability keeps you in check and having that accountability be another human is a surefire way to ensure you keep to your end of the deal even when you think you can't.


Despite weed not being addictive, in your eyes, not consuming something you've been doing regularly for a long period of time still causes withdrawal symptoms.  And since it takes roughly 21 days to kick a habit, you're probably very restless and antsy when you're first starting out.  It's okay - this is totally normal.

Find something productive or distracting that requires a great deal of attention.  You can focus on finishing that screenplay, or learn a course on Udemy, or hit the gym and sweat out all your withdrawals.  Whatever it is, we hope it's something you'd thank yourself for in the future.  And if not, well, do whatever keeps your mind away from thinking about how much you miss weed.  Trust us, a little peace of mind goes a long way in keeping yourself accountable and following through your t-break.


When taking a t-break, the rules are simple: between this date and some date in the future, you need to completely stop consuming cannabis.  As we mentioned above, it generally takes 21 days to completely kick a habit.  However, everybody processes things differently.  While it might take someone 21 days to reset their tolerance, it'll take someone else maybe 90 days or more.  Play it by ear and try to stick to your planned date.  Trust us, the first week or so is going to suck - but with eyes on the prize, once you get through the break and you consume anything THC related, homie, you're getting smacked and you'll love every second of it.

Good luck fam.  We know you can do it!

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