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First and foremost, as a cannabis brand, our sole mission is to provide powerful and potent strains for you to enjoy in the safest way possible.  That's why we spend so much time not only perfecting our THC-to-flavor ratios, but to also ensure that we keep everything that is good for you, and remove anything and everything that's not.

One particular compound we'd like to highlight is Vitamin E Acetate.  Back in 2020, several cannabis brands existing both in the legal and grey markets were caught cutting their products with Vitamin E Acetate.  Not only did this spark outrage with public health organizations and stoners alike, but it nearly destroyed the cannabis vape industry as now the trust in brands was broken.

So let us spend today detailing what exactly is in all six of our BLVK Label Disposables strains, and what is not.  We'll give you a hint: we definitely DO NOT have Vitamin E Acetate or anything else that should never be in a cannabis product, ever.





Vitamin E Acetate is actually fairly healthy for you as long as it is ingested as a supplement or applied directly to the skin.  In fact, many household skincare products possess some degree of Vitamin E Acetate as an integral ingredient in making sure the products benefit your skin!  Inhaling this, however, is incredibly dangerous for you.  Studies have shown that when Vitamin E Acetate is inhaled, the sticky oil substance can cling to lung tissue resulting in illness.

Back in 2020, Vitamin E Acetate was linked to several deaths caused by vaping cannabis products.  Unlicensed and licensed cannabis brands alike were caught trying to cut costs of cannabis concentrates by using the compound as a thickening agent.  What ended up happening instead was, people got sick and died, thus resulting in a major shake up of the industry.




Like most major health events, the cannabis industry was in a state of disarray.  Brands that were caught were prosecuted, public health organizations passed almost-draconian laws limiting accessibility, and dispensaries across the country stopped picking up vaping products.

At the same time, the existing cannabis vape brands went back to the lab for two reasons: 1) ensure only the cannabis concentrate and any naturally-occurring compounds exist in the product, and 2) prove it.  This is why legal cannabis companies exist - to provide you, the cannabis consumer with a method-based approach to ensuring the safety behind the products that they sell.



We meant what we said at the very beginning - our sole mission is to provide you with nothing but the best.  This means that ultra-potent BLVK Label Disposables can only be achieved with ultra-premium cannabis distillate.  The distillate is rigorously tested to ensure that only THC exists.  ZERO Vitamin E Acetate, ZERO pesticides, ZERO microbials, ZERO heavy metals.


The flavoring is put through just as much care as the distillate!  Consistently of both cannabis-derived and food-grade terpenes, each ingredient being rigorously tested every step of the way, what you're left with is an ultra-potent, pure, finished product.


You can bet your bottom dollar that all BLVK Label Disposables are robust, full-bodied complex blends that not only meets, but exceeds every test criteria across both California and Oklahoma.  And we have the Certificates of Analysis to prove all of that.


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