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Hot and Cold: Traditional and Reverse Dabbing

Hot and Cold: Traditional and Reverse Dabbing


Dabbing is the process of vaporizing a type of THC or CBD concentrate, which are different types of hash, rosin, and wax. Over the last ten years, dabbing and concentrate gained popularity because it contains the fewest contaminants. You can usually feel the effects after a single hit rather than having to smoke an entire joint, so it can be seen as healthier for your lungs if consumed safely.  But is there a superior method for consuming concentrates? Some people swear by hot-start dabbing, while others say that cold-start dabs are the best way to get a good hit. Let's explore the differences together.


In order to start what's called a "hot-start dab", you will need a butane torch and an oil rig with a glass or titanium nail. This is because you will be using super-high temperatures to vaporize your BLVK concentrate. Try our new Fatso Live Resin & Diamond Infused Sauce to get you started. First scoop up a dab of your liking, then torch your banger for around 30 seconds. After it turns red-hot, turn off the torch, count to 15, and drop your concentrates with a dab tool while inhaling and placing a carb cap on top of your banger.  Heat up times may vary depending on the thickness of your banger. Adjust your timing as needed.


The pros of hot dabbing relate to convenience and simplicity. A hot dab, when done properly, doesn't require a carb cap. It will quickly vaporize into thick clouds and a nice head rush. You won't have to worry about wasting any wax this way. While it may stain your nail black, you can burn it away without much problem. 

There aren't many cons to dabbing this way. The biggest downside of hot dabbing is that, if burned to hot, it can be unsafe for your lungs and start a coughing fit. Another con is that sometimes, if not taken at the right temperature, the taste can end up more burnt than terpy.


Cold dabbing is called reverse dabbing because you place the concentrates in the banger before heating it. Cold dabbing requires you to drop a small dab in your banger, put the carb cop on top, and evenly heat the banger for about 15 seconds on a low flame. It's kind of like the bong rips of dabbing. Because the heating process is reversed, cold-start dabs are sometimes called reverse dabs.

You'll know your reverse dab is ready when a cloud of vapor begins to form in your banger. At that time you can hit the dab while spinning or rotating the carb cap. It'll be a smooth sail to euphoria from there.


The pros of a cold dab are taste and simplicity. Cold dabbing usually offers a more flavorful profile. In addition, cold dabbing is less harsh on your throat and lungs, which means fewer coughing fits. Additionally, the terpenes are preserved that may have been otherwise destroyed. Some people find that cold-start dabs are also easier on their gear, resulting in less wear and tear and extending the lifespan of their rigs. If you’re looking for a smoother and more flavorful dabbing experience, then try a cold-start dab instead.

The cons of cold dabbing are the Cold start dabbing is hard to perfect when it comes to heating your banger. The flavor isn't as good after reheating each dab either, as most of the THC has already melted away. Cold dabbing, as mentioned earlier, requires a carb cap, meaning you are usually limited to hitting cold dabs front a flat top quartz banger or something similar. 


Regardless of how you prefer to dab, the quality of your extracts will be the main factor. 

 If all this talk about dabs, sauce, and hot and cold methods is getting you in the mood for a big rip, then look no further, BLVK Label has your back. Our new drops are some of our stoniest yet. Our Live Resin and Diamond Infused Sauce comes in two brand-new flavors: Gushers and Fatso. You are welcome to try hot or cold dabs with these superior strains!

Both are indica dominant hybrids that give you more a balanced high than a traditional indica. Both of these strains will relax your body while stimulating your mind, enough to bring on a peaceful euphoria. Dabbing is much cleaner for your body and better for your lungs than smoking, and with quality concentrates like Gushers and Fatso, your dabs will last. Hot or cold, there's no better choice.

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