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Buzzed is Better: 10 Activities To Do HIGH AS FVCK on Our New Concentrates

Buzzed is Better: 10 Activities To Do HIGH AS FVCK on Our New Concentrates

Buzzed is Better: 10 Activities to do HIGH AS FVCK on Our New Concentrates

You heard right. New strains dropped, and we're starting off with one hell of an introduction. With strains you know like Blue Dream and Gary Payton, it's high time we started talking about what you can do with our new strains, feelings, and BLVK Label concentrates. 


Blue Dream, a classic sativa strain, offers uplifting and creative effects that will sock your brain into creative thinking mode. With a warm, no-worries feeling, your creativity will blossom with Blue Dream at your side. 

Blue Dream is one of the most popular varieties of cannabis. It is a favorite among novice and veteran cannabis consumers due to its pleasant, sweet berries, sometimes peppery flavor, and manageable effects. This strain will relax your body while keeping your mind invigorated, so it’s perfect for chilling with friends or enjoying a solo hobby. Many creative types prefer Blue Dream for stimulating ideas for their writing or art. 

What Do I Do High As Fvck on Blue Dream?

1. Finish that DIY project. 

Blue Dream is a liftoff for the senses, adding texture and focus to your thoughts. Blue Dream can help you build that upside-down tomato plant or your new gravity bong. If you have a creative hobby, now would be a good time to try a new scenario or material for your mixed media project. 

2. Bake a chocolate cake from Snoop Dogg's cook book. 

Blue Dream offers sensory uplifting effects, your taste becoming amplified. Why not apply that focus and drive to making a cake to share with the crew? Take some Blue Dream, hit the grocery store, and make Snoop and Martha proud. 

Our favorite recipe right now:

While it's baking, read on about our next top-tier strain, Gary Payton.


High in THC and very low in CBD, the Gary Payton strain is a unique variety with a powerful flavor that can only be described as gas-like. Named after the NBA Hall of Fame player with the same moniker, this weed is more likely to leave you on the couch watching the game than getting up and playing, thanks to a strong relaxing effect. 

The Gary Payton strain receives a lot of buzz for being a powerful strain that offers a variety of effects depending on how much you indulge in at once. Lighter doses tend to be more cerebral, and stronger doses can bring on the couchlock. It’s a balanced hybrid that you can enjoy at any time, and even the flavor of the strain offers something for everyone. GP strain lifts the mood to the point where giggling can become inevitable. It increases your desire to socialize and talk to others. It relaxes you and can leave you locked to the couch for the evening at higher doses. It is good for stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, social anxiety, and ADHD.

 What Do I Do HIGH AS FVCK on Gary Payton?

3. Start a community watch-league.

If you need more reason, Gary Payton is a great reason to watch basketball. If you're not into basketball, then start a watch-league for one of your favorite shows, from The Last of Us and Dear Edward to old favorites, like the Sopranos and Adventure Time. You'll be chatting about the plot twists all night long.

 4. Make pizza to go with it. 

Since you're already high as FVCK, may we recommend the Margherita Pizza recipe from Oh Sweet Basil? Delicious, elegant, and so easy that a stoner could do it, you won't have to worry about missing the next episode in the next room.

Then for dessert, try our Runtz strain next.


With a sweet parentage between Zkittlez and Gelato, this evenly balanced hybrid gives off the full spectrum of chill vibes ranging from somewhat functional to not at all. Munchies are expected with a strain this candylike. The aroma is very similar to the iconic candy, although with a sharp spicy pineapple effect that turns slightly pungent.

The Runtz high comes roaring in a few minutes after your hit, first hitting your head with a calming lift before spreading its tingly tendrils throughout the rest of your body. As the Runtz high expands, you'll begin to feel a deeply calming effect spread through your limbs, leaving you totally sedated and couch-locked, immovable for hours and hours on end before you finally fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

What Do I Do HIGH AS FVCK on Runtz?

5. Order take-out and read a new book.

Runtz is a heavy indica, so it may be best to stay in and order take-out while you begin to feel waves of calm off of this dreamy strain, only disrupted by the munchies that will come through and take you off your feet. Hit up DoorDash, find your favorite takeout, and get started on that new Kristen Hannah novel or WWII biography already.

6. Go on an ice-cream tasting tour. 

Check out your local ice cream shop and get pre-determined flavors delivered to your door, then do a tasting together with your friends! Build flavor profiles, get extra spoons, and make sure to be dramatic while you describe the blueberry crisp or the Mexican hot chocolate. Crown one flavor king or queen!

When you've had dinner and dessert, have a hit of Fatso next to call it a night.


Vaping from Fatso strains uplifts your mood. It gives you a feeling of happiness, mental energy, and contentment, making it perfect for use in the evening after a stressful day at work. A cross between Garlic Cookies and Legends OG, this indica-dominant strain creates a couchlock that will have you stuck in euphoria. Pungent and piney, Fatso welcomes you with its distinct diesel and garlicky aroma before delivering a mind and body high that feels heavy and dignified all at the same time.

Though Fatso does hit hard, the effects come on smooth and gentle, allowing you just enough time to find a comfy position on the couch before you’re completely locked in.

What Do I Do HIGH AS FVCK on Fatso?

7. Start a genre-specific movie marathon.

Find your favorite genre of movie and start a binge for the ages. Whether its Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any string of Fast and Furious movies, Fatso will have you glued to the couch for the night. 

8. Listen To A New Podcast with your besties.

Once you've loaded up on Fatso, turn on the Bluetooth speaker and listen to a couple podcasts. From DIY to foodie and true crime, there is something for everyone on podcasts. May we recommend the top fifty in 2023?

Finally, if you aren't high enough yet, call it a sweet dream and a good night with our Gushers strain.


Hailing from sweet fan-favorite strains such as Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, this delicious indica-dominant hybrid favors relaxation over energy. Expect the gummy-like candy finished with a hint of spice to be the see-all, end-all, do-nothing strain perfect for binging Netflix all night long. The Gushers high isn't quite as bright as the flavor, with super relaxing effects that are best suited for lazy nights spent at home with friends catching up on Netflix. The high starts with an influx of tingly euphoria that fills the back of the head with lightly arousing tingles. This quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body, leaving you incredibly relaxed through and through.

You won't be sleepy in this state, but rather totally at ease with anything and everything happening around you.

What Do I Do HIGH AS FVCK on Gushers?

9. Play Your Favorite Board Games

Gushers is reminiscent of the taste of childhood fruit snacks and makes you feel heavy. Strawberry jam and creamy undertones may make you nostalgic for a fun childhood game like Candyland. We recommend this list of the top thirty-four games for adults from the New York Post.

10. Binge your favorite cartoon series before bed.

With nostalgia reigning, you may want to watch something fun and carefree as the Gushers strain relaxes you through to the core. With plenty of choices on Netflix like Entergalatic and Love Death and Robots, to classics like The Simpsons and Family Guy


There's plenty to do with our new concentrate strains. With these ten activities to do, you won't wait to try the new BLVK strains today. Take a dab of the new BLVK concentrates today, pair it with a pre-roll, and create new experiences with BLVK Label. Whether you're trying the new strains or smoking your favorites in a vape or concentrate, buzzed is better with BLVK label Concentrates!

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