The Most Bang for Your Buck: Why Concentrates are the Better Move Than Flower

The Most Bang for Your Buck: Why Concentrates are the Better Move Than Flower

Let's be real: weed has changed in the last seven-or-so years since its recreational use was legalized in California, and arguably, the development that changed the game more than anything, are concentrates. The technology used to extract and create concentrates has advanced so much, so fast that we're seeing the most potent, best tasting cannabis products that have ever been on the market. The excitement and advancements made with concentrates have driven the prices of all cannabis products sky high. But things are changing.

With 20 states legalizing adult use of recreational cannabis, and 38 states legalizing medical marijuana, the cannabis market is more saturated than ever before. And while this may not be good for big cannabis, it's very good for you, the consumer.


If you're looking for the best value of cannabis for your funds, you don't have to look much further than concentrates. Despite their sometimes shocking sticker price, concentrates are a consistently better value than flower. Don't believe us? Don't worry, we've brought receipts.


One of the most obvious ways that concentrates provide a better value than flower is the amount of product you need to use to get you to that higher level. Even if you opt for smoking small amounts of flower at a time - like a few bowls throughout the day - you still need significantly more flower to get to sustained high than you do with concentrates. Depending on the quality of those concentrates and of your tolerance, there are extracts out there that can keep you loaded nearly all day. That's simply not possible with flower, no matter how high the label says the THC percentage is.

Flower contains other cannabinoids besides THC that affect your body differently and can change the experience of the high. Concentrates, as the name suggests, contain so much concentrated THC that the effects can be overwhelming for the inexperienced stoner and can last for a longer duration. The potency of flower and concentrates, gram-for-gram can't even be compared; where the latter blows the former away and it becomes crystal clear of that in terms of potency, flavor, and experience.


With concentrates being so much more potent than flower, it's obvious which of the two is going to get you higher. The high from concentrates is much more powerful and enveloping. Some people clear their schedules when using extracts, because they know they won't be super functional, let alone, productive during their high. It is possible to achieve the same high with flower but you'd need to smoke a lot of weed before you could get close to the high from just one dab, especially when they're as high quality as the BLVK Label Live Resin & Diamond-Infused Sauce.


If this has convinced to try switching up your sesh from dried flower to the ooey gooey goodness of concentrates, you're in good company! BLVK Label is always working to bring you the highest quality, best tasting concentrates. And our Live Resin & Diamond-Infused Sauce is the perfect example of that.

Our concentrates line currently consists of five heavy hitting, out-of-this-world strains, each with a unique experience so there's something for everyone. Sativa stoners will love our Blue Dream Sauce and its buzzy, cerebral-like high. For a more powerful full-body high, try our Fatso or Gushers strains to unwind, relax, and float away at the end of your day. Middle of the road folks who might enjoy a well-balanced high that swings between an uplifting euphoria and a relaxed sedation will have a ball with either the Runtz of Gary Payton strains - two heavy hitting but balanced strains you can write home about.

Don't feel limited to one flavor or another, though. Pick up one of each and mix and match them to create a unique and delicious delicious that is one of one.


If you still need convincing that concentrates are not only a better value than flower, but also just better for you consider this: obviously inhaling anything besides oxygen has some associated health risks and all responsible adults know this. But when it comes to comparing the toll inhaling cannabis has on your respiratory system, it's obvious that smoking burning flower has much more of a serious effect with them. Vaping concentrates requires heat, but no direct contact between the concentrates and the fire, which means you are experiencing a fundamentally smoother inhale that is gentler on your lungs.

It's pretty obvious who the pound-for-pound, gram-for-gram if you will - champion of cannabis is. So pick up something special from BLVK Label and we'll see you for the next sesh!

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