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Think of BLVK Label as BLVK E-Liquid's baby that finally grew up to the monster it was raised to be.  Existing as the cannabis arm of the company, everything from its initial conception to its product R&D, and even how the brand is to be portrayed to the rest of the world all started inside the office of BLVK E-Liquid in South El Monte, CA.  On top of that, its most important aspect of the company, its products, exist on a different platform than the other hundreds, if not, thousands of other brands to exist in the legal space.

Today, we'll be looking at what BLVK Label is, how it started, and what sorts of thinking it required to deliver a top-tier cannabis brand right out the gates.  We'll also dive deep into the team behind BLVK Label and how this amalgamation of people came the products and attention-to-detail that BLVK consistently delivers.





On a typical Wednesday afternoon comprised of sales calls, marketing meetings, and a never-ending drive to get $@%! done, BVLK Label was born almost as if it was a heavily calculated accident.  We had just finished a meeting with MJHI Distribution, which now exists as our multi-state operator, manufacturer, and distributor across California, Oklahoma, and soon-to-be Arizona and South Dakota, but for a different brand we've been developing.  Following that meeting, we realized that within the distribution network, almost every aspect of cannabis manufacturing has been covered or actively distributed.  All except cannabis vapes.

Enter BLVK Label, created not just to further expand the reach of BLVK beyond the world of nicotine and e-cigarettes, but to fill the missing gap in the distribution network; allowing MJHI the full spectrum of cannabis goods to manufacture and distribute across its partner states.




What good is a brand without products to define it?  Since BLVK E-Liquid is historically an e-liquid manufacturer, flavor-making has become second nature.  The ability to create a flavor that tastes exactly like the fruit or dessert has become so natural for the team that creating something similar and replacing the substance with another sounds easy enough, right?

And what if the substance is THC?  THC itself has taken on so many different forms, with each form of THC offering a different method of consumption.  Long gone are the days of growing a strain, harvesting it and smoking it.  It's 2022 and we've found ourselves being able to eat it, vape it, smoke it, and apply it on our skin.  Cannabis has really taken off and we're still at the cusp of defining more ways to enjoy the magical plant.

Icecream Cake Scoopd Flavor E-liquid

Going back to how we developed out products, since we already exist as a vaping company, naturally, our products would be vapes!  The soon-to-be powerhouse products would be vaped as exotic strain-based distillates with added complex flavor profiles to further elevate the experience of getting high and liking the journey from beginning to end.

After several months of brainstorming exotic strain crosses and pairing those crosses with unique and original complex flavor profiles, BLVK Label was ready to test the market with six products of their own!




Back in the day, cannabis strains were broken up into three distinct category (you're probably very familiar with this).  Indica strains typically deliver physical relaxation, and that all-too-familiar stoned feeling mainstream media often euphemizes.  Sativa strains induce a different type of relaxation - mainly cerebral and euphoric.  Hybrid strains embody both indica and sativa strains giving you a truly full-bodied experience in both the body and mind.

Again, we're in 2022 and given all these years of selective genetics, strains are all hybrids at this point.  So, the issue arises, how would we go about separating the strains into categories in similar fashion to the classic indica, sativa, and hybrid?

We decided to categorize our six strains based on the potential feeling a user would experience.  Think of indica strains as our Chill category.  Typically, users would feel a rush of physical relaxation, pain management, and a higher anti-inflammatory response.

For the stoners out that use cannabis for medical reasons, Chill strains would deliver exactly that - the ability to chill out, kick your feel up, and let the plant work its magic to make you feel better than you did before.

Sativa strains would fall into our Hype category.  For something to give you a head change, the strains would encourage a heightened sense of motivation, focus, and creativity; and we're not talking just smoking to be more artistic.  Hype strains can deliver that extra umpf to get you in the mood for being social, talkative, and overall energetic.

Lastly, the balanced strains offer the best of both worlds.  As we mentioned above, hybrid strains encompass both indica and sativa properties.  And depending on how your body processes cannabinoids, one can feel both the physical relaxation wave wash on your body while also giving you that extra spark of uplifting creativity and motivation.

The cool thing about all six of our strains, beyond just the exotic strains crossed into each other, are that all strains give our users a blank canvas to enjoy and experience what they what to experience; all while being increasingly elevated.  Not to mention, the flavors themselves taste true-to-strain.







Now, the moment we've all been waiting for - THE STRAINS!  Six strains spread across the Chill, Hype, and Balanced classifications.  Each stain containing two exotic stains crossed into each other and slapped with a complex flavor profile that's true-to-strain.  Meaning, cookies strains actually taste like cookies!  So let's jump into it!

Cooks Ahoy! (GMO Cookies x Biscotti) - Reminiscent of freshly baked cookies Grandma makes, Cooks Ahoy! possesses the PERFECT ratio of deliciousness and potency.  You can expect this chocolate chip cookie powerhouse complete with subtle notes of diesel and garlic to lock you to the soda in pure and utter bliss.

Hakuna Mimosa (Pink Rozay x Mimosa) - We ain't about hangovers and neither should you after a sesh with Hakuna Mimosa!  Fruity, floral, and subtle notes of citrus burst through to deliver some serious chillout vibes, making these the perfect excuse to kick your feet up and coast through your day.

Sunkissed (Tangie x Maui Wowie) - Ever been sun-kissed before?  We have, and it's amazing!  Sunkissed takes on a refreshing tangerine-pineapple fusion and gifts you a first class ticket to a world of euphoria, relaxation, and physical energy to get up, get outside, and bask in the Sun.





Nana Split (Runtz x Strawnana) - The perfect end (or beginning to a sweet night lies with a puff of Nana Split!  Nana Split is a bowl of ice cream, complete with strawberries, bubblegum and a whole ripe of banana.  Expect a state of peaceful happiness, euphoria, and sensory awareness as you float around your surroundings.

Scoop'd (Ice Cream Cake x Sundae Driver) - No day is ever complete without a generous helping of Scoop'd!  Bold overtones of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between notes of cake and cream bring on a sense of balance and calm as both your body and mind sink to a state of deep relaxation.

Suge Kush (Candyland x Lemon Meringue) - Imagine a sugar high without the crash.  This is what you'd expect after a sesh with Suge Kush!  Boasting a balanced medley of earthy nuttiness, citrus, and diesel, Suge Kush smacks you with feelings of uplifting creativity, euphoria, and energy to keep you motivated as you plow through the mundane tasks life throws at you.




And that just about covers it!  From the initial conception of the brand, down to  its products, BLVK Label seeks to elevate the cannabis vaping experience with its true-to-strain flavors and expertly crafted exotic blends.  Hitting dispensary shelves not just in our home state of California, but also the new wild west of the industry, Oklahoma and plans to launch in Arizona and South Dakota soon after, BLVK Label will soon be one of the most highly sought after cannabis brands in the legal market.  Which strain are you most excited to try?  Drop us a line!



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