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BLVK Label Enters the Cannabis Market with MJHI Distribution

BLVK Label Enters the Cannabis Market with MJHI Distribution

We've always been interested in cannabis.  As an e-liquid manufacturer, it's not far off to take flavor-making and replace the nicotine with THC.  In fact, other vape companies entered the cannabis space and it totally took off (think Stiiizy).  We wanted to enter into the industry, but do so in a way that still maintains easy accessibility much in the same fashion as our e-liquid arm of the company.

There are a couple ways to achieve this: 1) set up shop in our home state of California, build popularity, and apply for other licenses in the different states.  2) simultaneously apply for licenses in as many states as possible and slowly open up shop.  3) find a distribution network that will do everything for you.

It's a no-brainer that option 3 is the wisest and most cost-effective to secure long-term sustainability.  So to that extent, we're proud to unveil the first major step towards achieving our goals, we've partnered with MJHI Distribution to be able to launch our brand and products to multiple states across the country!




Enter MJHI Distribution, a vertically-integrated, multi-state operator that specializes in taking brands to market through their seed-to-sale manufacturing, distribution, and dispensary support apparatus.  Through this partnership, we're able to hit the ground running by opening up shop not just in our home state of California, but to Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Arizona in the coming months.

Already existing under this business model with brands such as Country Cannabis in Oklahoma, Sublime in Arizona, and Weedsy in California, BLVK Label is the newest and soon-to-be hottest cannabis brand to enter into the limelight.




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Remember, that our goal is to spread the BLVK vibe to the world of cannabis.  And what better way to do that than being able to offer all six of our flavor-rich strains to as many people as possible.  Under the new partnership with MJHI Distribution, we are able to not only capture the hearts and minds of our fellow neighbors and friends in Cali, but also other states such as Oklahoma, Arizona, and South Dakota.

Each state has their own cannabis community, demographic, trends, and the like.  To be given the flexibility to launch our products to such a diverse number of cannabis users not only cements our brand as a future mainstay company, but it also gives us valuable data on how to consistently push the envelope of premium vaping, this time, to the world of cannabis!

And we get it, with each state and each demographic of cannabis user, there would exist different preferences on the "best" type of product to use.  For example, the California market leans more towards live resin whereas the Oklahoma and Arizona markets prefer distillate.  For the sake of uniformity, BLVK Label will initially launch its products with flavor-rich distillate in its disposable vape devices.  Despite California's preference towards live resin, entering the market with something more readily noticeable; and not to mention delicious, only speaks in volumes for long-term sustainability.

In the near future, if the market and overall popularity allows, we will consider expanding our product offering to other forms of THC vaping such as live resin, solventless extracts, the list goes on and on.




Despite us announcing our partnership with MJHI, our relationship goes way back.  In fact, we began the partnership in the Summer of 2021, first unveiling our brand at MJ Biz Con then again at Oklahoma's annual Cowboy Cup.  Based on initial metrics, BLVK Label is already well-received.  And given MJHI's already well-built out infrastructure, it won't be long before our launch physically hits the shelves of dispensaries everywhere.  When that time comes, we hope you'll be ready to get HIGH AS FVCK with us!


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