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3 Pro-Tips to Make Your BLVK Label Disposables Last Longer

3 Pro-Tips to Make Your BLVK Label Disposables Last Longer

Don't you hate it when you finally re-up on your weed only to lose your stash due to conditions you can't control?  Between flower going bad, to edibles melting, and even your favorite vape cartridges and disposables leaking all over the place, staying on top of your stash levels are paramount.  After all, what better activity to look forward to than by getting home, and getting HIGH AS FVCK with your favorite BLVK Label disposables, right?

This pro-tip guide explores ways to get the most out your disposable vapes.  We took the time to design some of the most efficient, tasty, and hard-hitting disposable devices in the market.  Nevertheless, some careful and meticulous habits go a long way in ensuring you are consistently enjoying them and spending as little time as possible maintaining them!  Without further ado, let's jump right in!


Now, you might be thinking: "The harder I pull on the disposable, the more I'll pull into my lungs right?"

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, this is incorrect.  Our BLVK Label Disposables vaporize cannabis concentrates at an even and constant temperature whether you're pulling hard or not.  By pulling as hard as you can and as fast as you can, you risk the coil not being able to keep up with the flow of oil, thus causing over-saturation.  Before you know it, the inside of the device sounds and feels as if it's both clogged and leaking.

If it's an increase in effect you're looking for, draw from the disposable device smoothly and hold in the vapor for four-to-six seconds before exhaling.  This allows your body to more effectively absorb the cannabinoids, thus maximizing your high.


You'd be surprised how often people take disposables for granted.  You'll pull it out of its package, take a few hits, then you'll throw it in your pocket, the car's cupholder, your bag, or even give it to a homie who would do who-knows with it!  With all the movement and transfers into new environments and a whole host of possible contaminants, keeping both the mouthpiece and the bottom airflow free of any debris is important to maintaining overall functionality of your device.

And even if you treat the device like the Queen that it is, there is still a potential for trace amounts of vapor being produced after you take your hit.  This build-up, well, builds up over time and can lead to clogging, particularly in the mouthpiece area.

To minimize clogging while maximizing overall functionality:

  • Clean the mouthpiece opening with a tiny cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.  Repeat this regularly (average between 50-60 hits)
  • Clean the bottom of the device where the holes pull in air.  It's easy to put this in your pocket and not consider the fact that your pocket may contain lint that would otherwise clog your airflow!


Where and how you store your BLVK Label Disposables when you're not actively using them can literally make or break the experience.  Let's be real - after a long day of the hustle, the LAST thing you'd want to be doing is troubleshooting your device and trying to figure out what went wrong between the time you used it last night and now.

Store your BLVK Label Disposables in a dry and cool place to prevent them from being damaged, particularly from the elements.  Extreme heat such as your car tends to make the distillate less viscous inviting leaks to occur.  Exposure to light also degrades the extract, diminishing the taste and shortening the overall lifespan of the concentrate.


Treat your favorite BLVK Label flavors as if they're something precious.  Cannabis, particularly from the legal market, isn't cheap; and losing your stash due to conditions you can control is a devastating feeling.  By following these three pro-tips you are saving time, money, and headaches for future seshes to come.  We want you to be HIGH AS FVCK and the only way to consistently do that is by taking care of your disposables!

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