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What to Get Baked & Binge On This Fall

What to Get Baked & Binge On This Fall

With Summer winding down, Fall TV  is coming back in full swing.  Here are our recs for the best stoney streaming this September.


Grab your Nana Split disposable and binge the pilot season of Apple TV's Invasion, ahead of season two's release.  Taking a page from the classic War of the Worlds (the comic, the original movie, and the Tom Cruise 2005 adaption), a series of random events from all over the world as people react to an alien invasion.

Built like a thriller movie leaning more towards The Quiet Place, the series is a creepy and realistic journey into humanity's greatest fear: our survival as a species.  Get yourself nice & toasty and prepare yourself.  It's definitely binge-worthy and can be done in one night if you're one of those everything stops until we're done sort of person.


Step aside Scarlett Witch, Marvel and Disney are back with a new baddie to round out their hero squad: She-Hulk, a 6'7: attorney and cousin to Bruce Banner who breaks the fourth wall Deadpool style.

The series is funny and nostalgic, with tons of reminiscing on Tony Stark, throwbacks to the Hulk movie and a hilarious running gag about whether or not Captain America died a virgin.

She-Hulk, known as Jennifer Walter in her human form, will be working as a defense attorney for some  of the MCU's most well-known faces and is expected to bring together a lot of different phase 4 properties leading the MCU into phase 5.  You'll want to take a few long drags of your SunKissed disposable before it starts because it moves fast once it gets going!


If you're still feeling some type of way on how the original Game of Thrones series ended, HBO is back to hopefully redeem itself with a prequel focused on the dragon-riding House Targaryen and their struggle to maintain power in Westeros and control of the Iron Throne.  Following in the same footsteps of the original series, House of the Dragon has all the sex, blood, and mind games you can possibly want, but you know, with dragons.

We're caught up, and let us just say, it's already confusing as hell, with characters who look similar with similar sounding names, it's easy to get lost with only two episodes up.  For this, try a lighter sativa-dominant strain like Suge Kush so you still have the ability to process everything as you start up the cycle of primetime Sunday TV.


The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Iron Mike has never had his life explored before this limited series starring Tevonte Rhodes as the iconic and flamboyant Mike Tyson.  From fighting on the streets of Brooklyn to his infamous ear bite at the MGM Grand, we get to relive all of Tyson's greatest, most unbelievable moments from his point of view.  Grab something strong, like our Cooks Ahoy! disposable, and prepare to get punched in the face - from the bud and the screen!


The King of Trip Hop finally has his own show!  From the mind of Kid Cudi comes Entergalactic, a new animated series that shares its name with Cudi's 10th studio album.

The series follows artist Jabari as he approaches stardom and success while still trying to navigate his day-to-day grind.  The animation is trippy and has some of Hollywood's trippiest fixtures, like Jayden Smith and Macauley Culkin lending their voices.  You'll definitely want your Hakuna Mimosa disposable on hand, giving you easy access to get lifted and vibe out with Kid Cudi, the crew, and what you already know is going to be a dope soundtrack.


Jungle is a new kind of show that experiments with the way we're used to watching TV.  It tells the interconnected stories of six strangers trying to make it on the streets of London, Crash style, using rap lyrics to narrate the story to the viewer.

Jungle also plays its visuals, using creative camera work, like twisting angles and neon colors to build a world that pulls us all the way in and won't let do.  Make sure you grab your Scoop'd pen to help you vibe and stay mellow while you enter the Jungle.


There were a few other shows dropping that look pretty good.  Here are our favorite runner up shows and movies worth checking out, particularly if you're looking to be high for them:

  • NOPE (Prime Video): Jordan Peele's weird alien meets western genre-bending movie is finally available to stream.  Grab quite literally the strongest strain in your arsenal, or do it Russian roulette style and randomly choose and hope for the best.  Get ready for something out of this world, literally.
  • Severance (AppleTV): This show is special to me.  I've told my entire family about this show and will happily initiate you into the cult if left unchecked.  Stream the first season to this show and find out what happens when doctors figure out how to split our consciousness and memories between our home and work selves.
  • The Patient (Hulu): We don't know about you, but anything starring Steve Carell is usually fantastic.  This creepy psychological thriller follows a therapist as he kidnaps one of his patients and imprisons him, while still attempting to complete the therapy journey.
  • Andor (Disney Plus): Follow Cassian Andor in the months and weeks leading up to his Rogue One mission to deliver the death star plans to the Rebel Alliance.  Grab your Cooks Ahoy vape to get spaced out and in the zone.  The original series was filmed in the 70's when psychedelics and trippy stuff were at its peak, so the general rule for Star Wars is this: the higher you are, the better the content is.
  • Rings of Power (Prime Video): Similar to Star Wars, it really doesn't matter how critical the reviews are.  If you were a LOTR nerd, your ass is watching this series - though we'd highly recommend you be incredibly stoned to be able to get through it relatively unscathed.
  • Tales of the Walking Dead (AMC): Honestly...this show needs to die already.  This new anthology series will have six standalone episodes, each telling anew and different stories from The Walking Dead universe.  The series tells stories from all over the timeline, from preppers at the onset of the apocalypse to a naturalist studying walking in the "dead sector" years into the future.  Don't forget to be high for this never-ending zombie vibe!  

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