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Standing as one of the freest states in the country, Oklahoma and cannabis was a match-made in heaven that took a lot longer than any of us thought.  Now that our favorite green plant has made its way to the state, the ability to get HIGH AS FVCK is at an all-time high.  And since we just launched, why not detail out some of our favorite spots to hit to enjoy your ultra-delicious and potent strain crossings courtesy of your new favorite brand, BLVK Label!

If you've been living in Oklahoma for your entire life, this list should come as no surprise.  And in case you're a transplant in search for lower cost of living, business opportunities, or simply to capitalize on the explosive growth of the cannabis industry, Oklahoma is a state where there's a significant amount of natural wonder to embrace into your blazing routine.  After all, nothing beats sitting in relative silence as you puff away on your BLVK Label disposable.  So if you can make to not ruin the peace with your coughing, this is your invite to join us on a toke-de-force of nature out in the Oklahoma wilderness!


Tucked away in the southeastern tip of the state bordering the Arkansas and Texas borders, the Beavers Bend State Park is a scenic wonderland.  Nestled with pine trees from beginning-to-end, Beavers Bend, otherwise known as Sasquatch's Backyard is a nearly-untapped location to truly escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.  Despite the area peppered with signs of human settlement, meaning, it's not totally out of the question to book a cabin for a weekend out there, the relative peacefulness of the trees and your pick of a BLVK Label strain can do wonders in terms to truly teleporting you to a world of reclusive peace.

In our opinion, the best time of the year to visit the park is in the Fall, where the leaves change color and the weather cools down.  And beyond just walking around the park to admire the worry-free trees and foliage, you can absolutely take a boat out to Broken Bow Lake and get nice and elevated on the water.

If it were up to us, we'd be making a trip out to the park on a more than weekly basis if it weren't so far away from our HQ!


Nothing screams reaching higher vibrations than hiking high!  The Charon Garden Wilderness Area within the Wichita Mountains is a spot where rugged terrain and boulder hopping is commonplace for the inner hiking enthusiast in you.  Due to the nature of literally being out in the middle of nowhere, we highly recommend buddying up so you don't turn the trip into "oh my god I'm stoned, lost, and afraid" type of day.  So pack a little extra bud for you and a friend!


Roman Nose State Park is another mega-hit spot to toke up and bask in everything Oklahoma's natural wonders have to offer.  Nestled just outside of Oklahoma City, this state park isn't as vast and large as the other two spots above, so the ability to get lost in the middle of nature is slimmer.  Nevertheless, simply having the Sunkissed BLVK Label Disposable on you to sneak a toke here and there wouldn't harm anybody.  In fact, if you look real hard at everyone else, they're probably doing the same thing!

Unlike spending the day getting HIGH AS FVCK at a place like Beaver's Bend where a specific season can completely make or break the blazing experience, getting lit at Roman Nose can be a year-round ordeal.  Want to put in 18 holes and take a puff before and after each hole?  Do it!  And what about hiking down to the canyon to watch the Sun hit those rocks as you get higher and higher?  Also an option!


Eureka Springs is technically in Arkansas but it's not too far from Tulsa.  If you have the ability to spend the weekend out and about, we highly recommend doing so over at Eureka Springs.  The town itself is a hippy town so most things, such as venturing out into the wilderness with an ample amount of BLVK Label on you is a generally accepted activity out there.  Embracing a small town charm, locals and visitors alike can take in scenic views in the form of some of the best mountain biking trails in middle America, regardless of your skill level sober or stoned.  Some notably clutch spots to hit (both your BLVK Label disposable and physically go to) are:

  • Black Bass Lake

  • Harmon Park Loop Trail

  • Great Passion Play Bike Trails

  • Historic Lake Leatherwood City Park


Remember, Oklahoma is a medical marijuana state.  However, the state being so relaxed on just about everything, you technically have universal access to high-quality cannabis products if you want it.  Be cognizant of local regulations pertaining to where exactly you're allowed to toke up.  One of the main reasons why we recommended nature-esque areas is of course to be able to get HIGH AS FVCK in beautiful locations, but also, to keep your stoner activities as low-key as possible.  Sure, the state allows you to purchase and consume cannabis, but do you really want to get high in the middle of Tulsa or Oklahoma City?  It's definitely possible, but if you have the ability to seclude yourself in a beautiful place, would you?

Wherever you choose to enjoy where to get high, we hope you do it with your new favorite THC disposables brand, BLVK Label!

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